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Industrial Stand Alone Power Systems

Industrial Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

When getting connected to the grid isn’t an option, our Energy Solutions team steps in with bespoke Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS). We’ll take care of everything: from designing and sourcing to purchasing and installing SAPS that are tailored to fit your needs. With our expertise in National Electricity Market connection costs, we offer spot-on advice and options, crafting customised solutions for every customer.

Our SAPS usually combine various power generation sources and a control system, like PV solar, diesel, and/or gas.

We’ve got heaps of experience designing and building SAPS for folks out in the bush and for larger projects. We also design and quote both off-grid and on-grid systems for commercial and industrial clients. Our models factor in each customer’s unique circumstances, such as electricity load profiles, tariffs, and the behaviour of different technologies, ensuring we deliver top-notch energy solutions for their businesses.

How SAPS Respond to Customer Needs

SAPS (Stand Alone Power Systems) provide customers the opportunity to actively participate in the renewable energy transition. They offer a technical solution that enhances resilience and grants greater control over energy needs.

Customers in remote and rural areas are disproportionately affected by unplanned power outages. This is driven by factors such as extreme weather events and the challenges of maintaining longer, more difficult-to-access infrastructure.

All in all, engagement with regional and remote communities has revealed a growing vulnerability to natural disasters. These communities have expressed a strong desire for their electricity distributor to adopt innovative solutions that improve power reliability while maintaining affordability.

Industrial Stand Alone Power Systems

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