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Powerwall is a battery that stores energy and automatically powers your home during outages. It works without the maintenance, fuel, or noise associated with generators, keeping your lights on and your devices charged. By pairing it with solar panels, you can recharge using sunlight and keep your appliances running for days. Learn how Powerwall and solar energy can help you manage your home’s energy needs.

Powerwall helps you depend less on the grid by storing solar energy for times when the sun isn’t shining. You can use Powerwall on its own or with other Tesla products to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep your home powered during outages. Additionally, Tesla runs Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant, connecting homes to contribute clean, renewable energy to the grid. Find out more about the Tesla Energy Plan.

About the Powerwall Battery:

  • It’s a rechargeable battery that uses lithium-ion technology and has a special cooling system.
  • You can fully use all the power it stores.
  • It can hold up to 13.5 kWh, which is like having 13,500 watts available.
  • The battery can last for 10 years under warranty.

Size and Placement:

  • It’s quite heavy at 120 kg (about the same as a large adult).
  • The battery is about the size of a large suitcase (1150 mm long, 755 mm wide, and 155 mm thick).
  • It can be set up on a wall or the floor and works both inside and outside.

How it Works:

  • The Powerwall has a built-in device that changes the solar energy into a form your home can use.
  • It’s designed for:
    • Using solar energy directly in your home.
    • Shifting energy use to more cost-effective times.
    • Providing backup power if the grid fails.
    • Working without connection to the power grid.


  • It can provide a steady power of 5 kW, which is like running 50 light bulbs at once, and can go up to 7 kW when needed.
  • The temperature it operates in can range from a chilly -20°C up to a hot 50°C.
  • You can connect up to 9 Powerwalls together for even more energy storage.

The Powerwall 2 helps you use your solar power more efficiently, save money, and have a reliable energy source during power outages.

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Solar Panels and Off-Grid Battery Installers Townsville & Mackay

Prestige Renwables for Solar and Batteries in Townsville and Mackay is a premier solar provider, proudly locally owned. As North Queensland’s leading expert in cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions, we specialize in customized solar energy and battery services. Our offerings include high-quality solar systems with, cutting-edge solar battery technology, superior craftsmanship, and expert technical guidance, complemented by our commitment to exceptional ongoing support.

The Queensland Government’s $4,000 Battery Rebate

The Queensland government is currently offering a $4,000 rebate on solar batteries and off-grid systems, making this the perfect time for residents to enhance their homes’ energy efficiency and look at renewable power. This initiative is designed to help Queenslanders reduce their energy bills while supporting sustainable energy solutions. Don’t miss your chance to save big and go green!

Why Should You Consider Installing Solar Panels And a SolarBattery?

Why go solar with panels and a battery? North Queensland has sunshine all year round, giving you the perfect opportunity to harness the sun’s limitless energy. With the latest technology, turning this natural power into your personal energy source is easier than ever!

Off-Grid Battery For Your Home?

Off-grid systems are perfect if you need power for a remote shed, cabin, or home away from the grid. Ideal for rural areas with unreliable grid power or for those seeking a sustainable, energy-independent lifestyle, our off-grid solutions are tailored to fit your needs.

We provide complete off-grid power systems, including solar panels and batteries, housed in professionally designed enclosures. This setup offers you the freedom of generating and owning your electricity—true energy independence.

At Prestige Renewables, we’ve carefully evaluated various off-grid products and chosen to partner exclusively with top brands like RedEarth and Raython for turnkey solutions. These partnerships ensure we deliver the best fit for your off-grid energy needs.

Working on a unique off-grid project? Prestige Renewables also creates custom solutions, utilizing the leading technologies from brands like Virtron Energy, Selectronic, and more, to meet your specific requirements.

Solar Batteries and Storage Solutions For Your Home

With electricity prices on the rise, more and more people around the world are turning to alternative energy sources. In Australia, the demand for solar power and battery storage is at an all-time high, making these technologies more popular and affordable than ever.

Prestige Renwables QLD, we understand your desire to switch to these cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives. We are proud to be one of Townsville and Mackay’s leading providers of solar and solar battery storage installations.

Why Choose Prestige Renewables? For Solar Panels and Off-Grid Battery Installers Townsville & Mackay

Prestige Renewables for Solar Panels and Off-Grid Battery Installers Townsville & Mackay. We excel in providing top-notch off-grid solar and battery solutions, ensuring reliable, efficient, and cost-effective energy independence for every customer.

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Power Outages Mackay – Mackay is a city on the eastern coast of Queensland, the sunshine state. However, this does not mean it is not immune severe weather events such as cyclones, heavy rainfall, and storms. These weather events can have a big impact on daily life, such as causing power outages. Therefore, the need for durable power solutions, such as solar power, is clear.

Below are a few key points on how installing a solar system in Mackay can prove beneficial against the impact of power outages:

1. Energy Independence

Solar panels provide increased independence from a traditional power grid. This is essential when the grid is down during a power outage. Properties with solar systems can continue to produce their own electricity. This reduces the reliance on grid-supplied electricity which minimises the impact of power outages.

2. Sustainable Backup Power

Solar systems that have battery storage provide a sustainable backup solution for power. The battery storage stores excess energy produced during the day, to be used at night or during power outages. This allows homes and businesses to continue to maintain critical functions, such as charging devices, keeping lights on, and allowing refrigerators to keep cool.  

3. Reducing Grid Stress during Power Outages Mackay

Through generating their own power, solar panels allow users to reduce the overall demand on the power grid. This reduction in the demand for power is especially beneficial during peak usage times. These times often coincide with the severe weather events mentioned above. With many households and businesses choosing to switch to solar, the stress on the power grid is reduced and this can prevent overloads and failures.

4. Economic Benefits

Not only do solar panels provide resilience against power outages, but they also offer substantial economic benefits. Homeowners who have solar panels to generate their own electricity save considerably on their electricity bills. They can also earn credits or payments back for any excess power which is fed back into the power grid – read more here. Over time, the amount of savings that accumulate from these reduced bills, often leads to an offset against the initial installation costs of solar panels. This proves solar systems to be a sound financial investment.

5. Environmental Impact

Solar energy provides a broad environmental benefit. It is a clean, renewable source of energy. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases the reliance on fossil fuels. Mackay residents who install solar panels participate in the battle against climate change, which in turn decreases the frequency and severity of weather events which lead to power outages.

6. Community Resilience during Power Outages

The widespread adoption of solar systems increases the overall resilience of Mackay against power outages. Solar-powered properties can serve as hubs of stability during outages, allowing the continuation of essential services and support to the greater community. This resilience is vital during severe weather events and emergency situations, where access to power can be a matter of well-being and safety of the city’s population.

In conclusion, the adoption of solar systems for homeowners and business owners in Mackay presents a viable and beneficial solution to power outages. Solar power provides energy independence, sustainable backup power, reduces grid stress, economic benefits, environmental advantages, and enhances community resilience. Get in touch with one of our solar professionals today before the next power outage in Mackay.

Mackay solar rebate and incentives are currently on offer from the Australian government for homeowners who install solar panels. This reflects Australia’s commitment to increasing the usage of renewable energy sources.

The following offers also aim to make solar power and its benefits more accessible to Australian residents. This is achievable through assisting in the reduction of upfront installation costs and through savings on electricity bills.

Federal Solar Rebate (Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme – SRES)

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is an Australian wide incentive. It gives homeowners Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for installing eligible solar systems. The amount of the rebate depends on a few factors: the size of the solar system, the location of the property, and the amount of electricity that your system is expected to produce. The rebate can result in a reduction of up to a third of the cost of your solar panels. This means that solar power a more affordable option for many households.

Mackay Solar Rebates and Incentives

Queensland Battery Booster Program:

Eligible households can apply for a rebate when they purchase and install a home battery energy storage system for usage. Applicants can receive a rebate of up to $4,000 towards the installation of their new solar battery system.

Eligibility criteria can be found here. Alternatively, you can have a chat with one of our solar professionals to find out more.

Feed-in Tariffs:

Mackay homeowners with solar systems can also benefit from feed-in tariffs. This is where excess electricity that the system generates, but is not used within the home, is sold back to the grid. Feed-in tariff rates depend on your location and electricity retailer. However, they do offer another way to save on energy costs, through the ability to earn credits on your electricity bills.

Benefits for Homeowners

The main benefit of the above rebates and incentives is that they have the power to significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing solar panels on your property.  This makes solar systems a more feasible and attractive decision for homeowners. Even so, the savings will continue for years to come as homeowners enjoy reductions in their electricity bills through the generation of their own power and through accessing feed-in tariffs.

The rising number of solar system installations across Mackay reflect the growing awareness and adoption of solar power. At the end of February 2023, a total of 3.414 million solar systems had been installed on Australian properties. This highlights the growing acceptance of solar systems.

All in all, the Mackay solar rebate and incentives that are currently available from the Queensland and Australian governments offer a win-win scenario for homeowners. They increase the affordability of solar installations and actively promote a move towards a sustainable future.

Mackay Residential Solar

Mackay homeowners – you have a golden opportunity to significantly reduce your electricity bills! Mackay’s sunshine partnered with the installation of solar panels offers an abundant source of renewable energy. By taking advantage of the government’s solar rebates, homeowners can further increase their savings, making solar panels an even more attractive investment.

Cost Savings for Residential Solar

The cost reduction in electricity bills is the primary financial benefit of solar panel installation. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can then be used to power your home. Excess electricity that is generated can be fed back into the grid, meaning that homeowners have the potential to earn a credit on their electricity bill through feed-in tariffs. Mackay homeowners can expect their solar panels to produce a significant amount of electricity. This in turn leads to substantial savings.

The initial outlay to purchase and install solar panels may seem high. However the long-term savings cannot be ignored. A solar panel system can last up to and over 25 years. This means that Mackay homeowners can enjoy almost free electricity for many years to come after finalising payment on their new solar system.

Government Rebates and Incentives

The Australian government offers many incentives and rebates to entice and reward homeowners who install solar systems. These can significantly reduce the initial cost of solar panels. Meaning that they are more accessible to homeowners.

One of these incentives is the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). You can read more on this incentive here.

Maximizing Savings for Residents in Mackay

Homeowners can maximise savings by carefully considering the size of the solar panel system they install. A solar system which is too small could potentially not generate the required amount of electricity to significantly reduce electricity bills. In contrast, a solar system that is too large may not be as cost-effective. Have a chat with one of our professionals who can help you determine the best size for you.

Homeowners can maximise their savings further by shifting their electricity usage to daylight hours when the solar panels are generating electricity. Additionally, investing in a battery storage system is a way to save more as this will store excess electricity for homeowner’s to use during peak hours or at night.


All in all, Mackay Residential Solar is not just a smart financial decision. It is a step towards sustainable living. It offers substantial savings on your electricity bills, and savings on installation costs through rebates and incentives. Your investment in solar panels will pay off significantly over time. Through the installation of solar systems, homeowners in Mackay can enjoy the benefits of cleaner, cheaper, and more sustainable electricity.

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Solar Panels Mackay

Prestige Renewables Queensland’s Most Trusted Solar Installer.

As a Brisbane-based business, we know how Queensland’s weather can affect solar energy, so we offer personalized solar solutions to all our customers. Unlike others, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all systems. Our own team of solar professionals, engineers, project managers. And installers design a system that fits your specific needs and goals.

Since 2002, we’ve helped Queensland homes and businesses gain energy independence by using high-quality parts with a track record of success. Our products come with top warranties, and we provide exceptional after-sales service.

Benefits Of A Solar System In Macky Queensland

Solar power in Mackay, Queensland, offers residents a great way to lessen their impact on the planet. By using solar panels, people can harness the sun’s energy, a renewable resource, moving away from non-renewable sources like coal and oil.

Solar Rebates End Soon!

Act now! Solar rebates in Mackay are ending soon. Don’t miss your chance to save on solar panel installation. Make a smart, eco-friendly choice for your home and wallet today!

In conclusion, Solar Panels Mackay

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Solar Mackay How to Install Solar Panels at No Cost to You!

At Prestige Renewables We Make Solar Power Easy!

Prestige Renewables in Mackay is your go-to for personalized solar solutions for homes and businesses. We understand that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer customized plans based on your energy use, the layout of your place, where you’re located, and what you need—without making it complicated.

We use the latest satellite technology and a simple online questionnaire to give you a quote that’s just for you, not a one-size-fits-all deal you might see on TV ads.

Start building your custom Solar Quote now.

How I Got My System for Free

Can you really get a solar system for free? Adding solar panels to your house is an excellent strategy to cut down on electric bills and minimize environmental impact. Yet, the initial installation expense might prevent some homeowners from moving forward. In Australia, options exist for installing solar panels on your property at no upfront cost or without any initial investment.

Solar Finance can be zero dollars down

Getting a solar system with no upfront cost can also be done through solar financing. Here, you’ll pay a monthly amount for the panels but get to use all the electricity they make. Many times, what you save on your electricity bill is more than your monthly payment. This means you could end up saving money overall. It’s a smart choice for homeowners looking to save. With a locked-in zero per cent interest rate and no upfront cost.

Solar Rebates In Mackay Are Ending Soon

When Will the Government Solar Discount Finish? The Australian government started the solar discount in 2011 to motivate Australians to use solar energy. The Clean Energy Council manages this discount, also called STCs. It’s set to finish on December 31, 2030.

Did You Know?

If you pay $1,000 a quarter to your energy provider over the minimum life of your solar panels 25 years you would pay $100,000 for power which is dead money to your energy company that you will never see again. But wait energy prices increase every 6 to 12 months by up to 40 percent. Guess what? Solar is your only option to counter these power bills or less you live in the stone age before electricity was built. It’s a no-brainer that solar is the solution and can save you thousands of dollars. Get a Free Quote from Prestige Renewables today

In Conclusion

At Prestige Renewables in Mackay, we simplify solar solutions with personalized plans. Plus, we offer options for no upfront costs and encourage quick action before rebates reduce.

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