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Mackay Solar Power Repairs At Prestige Renewables

Give Prestige Renewables a bell today! If your solar system’s been up there for over 5 years, it’s time to book an inspection. Over the past decade, we’ve seen heaps of solar dramas, from shonky panels and dodgy inverters to rooftop DC isolators catching fire. These issues can slash your system’s output and pose some serious safety risks.

Having a top-notch solar tech take a squiz at your system will make sure it’s safe and kicking goals like it should.

Also, a fair few new homeowners are finding themselves stuck with dud solar setups that either aren’t working right or are downright dangerous. Often, they don’t cop onto the problem until they’ve already moved in and found out their system’s a real lemon that needs replacing. To avoid finding yourself in this pickle, get your solar system checked out.

Solar Inspections Mackay

Swapping out dodgy inverters
Sorting out inverter warranties
Aerial thermal drone checks on your solar rig
Replacing old solar panels
Upgrading solar panels
Handling solar panel warranty claims
Overhauling entire solar systems
Replacing rooftop isolators
Conducting performance and safety audits
Diagnosing issues with solar systems
Bird proofing your solar panels
Giving your solar panels a good clean
First up, you should hit up the bloke or the company that installed your solar system. If they’ve disappeared or can’t sort you out, then Prestige Renewables is your go-to.

Plenty of solar companies have had to shut up shop because of these headaches, leaving heaps of homeowners in the lurch. But here at Prestige Renewables, we’ve set up thousands of systems across Mackay, Townsville and North QLD, and we’re still here looking after our customers with all the warranty and maintenance they need. Can’t find the crew who installed your solar? Give us a ring, and we’ll sort you out.

Keep an eye on your inverter’s performance. Checking it weekly or monthly is ace. Though output varies with the seasons and weather, generally you should see about 4kWh per kW installed. So, if you’ve got 5kW of solar panels (like twenty 250W ones), you should be getting about 20kWh daily. If you’re consistently getting less, you might have a problem.

Here’s a bit of DIY for you:

Check if your inverter is showing a solid green light.
Make sure the ‘Solar Main Switch’ is flipped on.
Look for any alarms popping up on your inverter screen.
Listen for any odd ticking noises from a faulty inverter.
Watch out for shade from growing trees and shrubs which can seriously cut your solar output.
We strongly advise against cleaning your panels yourself—there have been too many accidents, like electrocutions or falls from roofs. Leave it to the pros, and steer clear of high-pressure washers; they can damage your panels.

What else we do:

Check for any recalls on inverters, solar panels, and batteries.
Inspect your panels for hot spots, water ingress, and discolouration.
Make sure isolation switches are all working properly.
Follow up on any warranties that might be up for grabs.
Provide quotes for replacing solar panels, and inverters, and setting up bird-proofing.

Mackay Solar Power Repairs

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