Solar Power Repairs Mackay

Solar Power Repairs Mackay

I’m really sorry you’ve had to reach out to us. It often means something isn’t working right with your solar hot water or solar power system.

Hi, I’m Nick! The owner of Prestige Renewables. For over 10 years, I’ve been fixing and setting up solar power and hot water systems in Mackay and Noth Queensland. Too often, companies push you to replace your entire system with one broken part. But not us! At Prestige Renewables Solar Repairs, we’re here to get your system back to perfect with as little hassle as possible. Save money and reduce waste with our smart, eco-friendly solutions. Join us in making a difference!

Good News! For Home Owners

If your solar system does need replacing, you can get the government rebates again

If repairs aren’t possible, we can guide you on replacing your solar inverter or the entire system. As a leading solar energy company, we’re dedicated to helping both homeowners and businesses with their solar repair needs and routine maintenance.

Solar Power Repairs Mackay

We have repaired thousands of solar systems quickly and affordably, helping our customers restore their solar power efficiently.

Our team at Prestige Renewables strictly adheres to:

  • Clean Energy Council guidelines
  • Manufacturer’s specifications
  • Relevant Australian Standards
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management plans

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