Solar Panel Installation Mackay

Solar Panel Installation Mackay

If you’re after top-notch solar technology, backed by a fully accredited team and dependable service, Prestige Renewables is your go-to in North Queensland.

We’re one of the biggest names in solar installations around here, especially in Mackay. We’re all about providing top-quality renewable energy gear for folks who are keen on solar power for their homes.

Starting Born and Bread in Mackay Prestige Renewables has expanded across North Queensland, including specializing in solar in Mackay. Thanks to our commitment to excellent service and hard graft, we’ve grown our team to meet all your solar needs.

Choosing Prestige Renewables means you’re opting for durable, high-quality products. We team up with leading manufacturers to make sure you get the best gear out there. We know that investing in solar is a big deal, so we only offer gear that’s up to the task. Plus, we back our panels and inverters with a 10-year warranty, because we stand by the quality of what we sell.

Can switching to solar panels cut down my bills?

Absolutely, mate! Hooking up a solar-powered PV system can definitely save you some cash. Typically, most systems pay for themselves within three years, and that’s when you start seeing the real savings roll in.

The amount you’ll pocket depends on a few things like how big your system is, the size of your roof, where you live, and a few other bits and pieces. For example, if you popped in a 5KW system and used only half the energy it generates, the other half would go back to the grid. This could give you a credit on your power bill and potentially save you around $1300 a year – that’s a cracking 27% return on your investment!

So, going solar in Macky? It’s a sure bet to save some dough – just how much you save is in your hands!

What size solar system will suit me?

Every home has different power needs, and that’s where we come in handy. Our team at Prestige Renewables has heaps of experience, and we can check out your power usage (especially from 8 AM to 4 PM) to figure out exactly what you need.

Whether you’re in Mackay or the surrounding area, we’ll recommend the ideal solar system size that fits both your energy use and your budget. We get that not every home fits the same mould when it comes to solar setups, so we tailor our quotes to match your family’s specific needs.

How much does solar system cost in Mackay?

How much does solar set you back in Mackay? In Mackay, a common 6.6kW solar panel setup will cost you between $4,900 and $9,000 for a standard job. This price covers installation on a single-storey house with a tin roof.

Solar Panel Installation Mackay – Prestige Renewables is your go-to in North Queensland.

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