Solar Savings

Save Big with Solar: Your Easy Guide to Queensland Rebates

Welcome to Prestige Renewables! We’re all about making the switch to solar energy easy and rewarding for everyone in Queensland. As more people look for ways to live greener and save money, we’re here to shine a light on solar rebates in Queensland. This guide will show you how these rebates can make solar power a great deal for your home or business.

Understanding Solar Rebates in Queensland

Think of solar rebates like a big discount on buying solar panels for your house or business. In Queensland, these rebates can knock a big chunk off the price, making it cheaper to get started with solar power.

Top Solar Rebates in Queensland

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)

This national program gives you something called Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) when you install a solar system. These certificates can save you up to 33% on your installation. You just need to use approved products and an accredited installer to qualify.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs

This is a way to get paid for any extra electricity your solar panels make and send back to the power grid. The payment rates vary, but it’s a nice way to earn and save money over time.

Battery Booster Program

The Queensland government offers up to $4,000 back if you add a battery storage system to your solar setup. This is perfect if you’re looking to get even more out of your solar investment.

Making the Most of Solar in Queensland

With lots of sunshine all year round, North Queensland is perfect for solar power. Here’s how to get the most out of solar rebates:

  • Check if You Qualify: Look into each rebate program to see if you’re eligible. This could depend on things like how much you earn and the size of your solar system
  • Choose the Right Products: Your solar gear needs to meet certain standards to get rebates. We at Prestige Renewables can help you pick the right products.
  • Apply Soon: These rebates have limited funds, so it’s smart to apply as soon as you decide to go solar

Going solar is not just good for the planet—it can also be great for your wallet, thanks to solar rebates in Queensland

Prestige Renewables is here to help you every step of the way, from picking the right solar system to making sure you get all the rebates you qualify for.

Thinking about going solar? Let’s talk! Contact Prestige Renewables today to find out how you can save with solar rebates and start your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.


With the right information and support, tapping into solar rebates in Queensland is a smart move that can lead to big savings and a greener future. At Prestige Renewables, we’re excited to help you make the switch to solar energy. Start saving today and take a big step towards a sustainable tomorrow.